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Teak Sculpture

Working with consumers, retailers, wholesalers buying high-end handicraft products, we have 15 + years long presence in the region & 40+ years experience in international business, law, and trade.


All prices are at Fair Labor Rates in US Dollars.
All wood sourced from renewable, sustainable growth forests

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Teak wood; hand carved wood sculpture; teak wood carved art in bass-relief. Teak wood wall hangings. Teak wood, hand carved statues, both floor wood statues and table mounted wood statues.  

Teak has been in use for thousands of years for homes and ship building. This famously hard wood lasts for centuries. Our Thai master crafts men & women hand carve solid teak into nearly any imaginable design and form.

Used for ocean-going hulls by ancient Chinese sailors and the British in the 19th century, teak is still the decking and hull of choice in sailing craft and yachts.

The teak used in the products we source are from renewable and sustainable forests in Thailand where young growth teak is not an endangered species.

 We are the worldís low cost procuring and sourcing agency for high end teak wood sculpture art.  We represent only buyers. We never represent any factory or vendor.  We help foreign collectors (high net worth individuals, private & public museums, National Galleries, and Royal Families) eliminate the rest and purchase only the best.

We know and have gained the respect of the best artists who have been wood carvers for generations.  During our 15+ years in the business and this region, and the substantial purchases we make on behalf of buyers, we purchase these works of sculpture art at the lowest price. The full savings is passed to our clients.

Our master crafts men and crafts women maintain the high skills of their ancestors who have been making similarly carved teak wood sculpture since the 13th century. They use essentially the same tools today. Samples of their work, old and new, are found in homes of distinction, museums, palaces, and temples. 

We are proud to make a few of the hundreds of teak wood, hand carved sculpture designs available for your palace, villa, museum, or home. Should the design of your choice not be found on these pages, we can have nearly any design you like made to your order and specifications.

Displayed here are only a few of the hundreds of designs available. If you prefer, send us your own artwork (drawings, images, sketches) and our craftspeople will execute your desires into custom finished objects of lasting beauty.

See our hand-carved teak doors

Please write to us to place your order or ask questions 
Copy our Reference Number and send it to us by E-mail
include your full contact details to receive your firm bid.

 Due to the changing US$ and THB, posted prices will be updated when you place your order.
The colors are NOT true. We were not allowed to use a flash to take these photos.

Similar subjects are available, but each one is subject to prior sale and price changes.

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CMS - 001


CMS - 002

 88"W x 2.5"D x 31"H


 88"W x 2.5"D x 3.5"H

 US$ 8,400.00


 US$ 8,700.00










 CMS - 003


 CMS - 004

 77"W x 5"D x 31"H


 82"W x 2.5"D x 40"H

 US$ 8,400.00


 US$ 9,300.00










 CMS - 005


 CMS - 006

 64"W x 4.0"D x 32.5"H


 99"W x 2.5"D x 39"H

 US$ 14,000.00


 US$ 9,300.00










 RAPY - 001


RAPY - 002

 12" W x 12"D x 96"H


75"W x 5.5"D x 31"H

 US$ 3,175.00


 US$ 5,263.00










 RAPY - 003


RAPY - 004

 77"W x 5.0"D x  31"H


49"W x 7.0"D x 34"H

 must be ordered


 US$ 2,028.00










 RAPY - 005


RAPY - 006

 86"W x 5.0"D x 29"H


33"H x 5.0"D x 46"H

 US$ 3,116.00


US$ 2,675.00












 RAPY - 007A 


 RAPY - 007B

 25"W x 16"D x 33"H


 25"W x 16"D x 33"H

 US$ 5,906.00


US$ 4,203.00










 RAPY - 008


RAPY - 009

 84"W x 6.0"D x 33"H


 44"W x 5.0"D x 24"H

 US$  5,616.00


US$ 2,334.00








 RAPY - 010


RAPY - 011

 91"W x 6.0"D x 35"H


92"W x 6.0"D x 34"H

 US$ 4,056.00


 US$ 3,822.00









 RAPY - 012


RAPY - 013

 84"W x 9.0"D x 43"H


 86"W x 8.0"D x 36"H

 US$ 7,082


 US$ 7,082.00








 RAPY - 014


RAPY - 015

 88"W x 7.0"D x 34"H


 10"W x 57"D x 67"H

 US$ 6,407.00


 US$ 5,906.00










 RAPY - 017


RAPY - 018

 83"W x 7.0"D x 37"H


91"W x 6.0"D x 25"H

 US$ 7,082.00


must be ordered










 RAPY - 019


RAPY - 020

 87"W x 4.0"D x 23"H


21"W x 10"D x 67"H

 US$ 2,822.00


US$ 3,322.00










 RAPY - 021



 82"W x 6.0"D x 33"H



 US$ 7,375.00



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