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These are the leading sites we use in referencing and researching data on Vietnam, listed in the order in which we have cross linked websites.
If you find errors, or that a site is no longer active, please advise us and we will make changes.

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  1. VietNews http://vnz.net/vietnews  This is simply the most current and focused source for general and business news about Vietnam. 
  2. Vietnam Veterans WebRing  http://www.webring.org  A premier site for all Veterans' affairs.  See banner, below
  3. Leon Baldwin's Ninth Infantry Page http://home.earthlink.net/~leonbaldwin/9infantry  A most impressive site, and it provides the history of the Fighting Ninth, both before and after the American-Vietnam war. 
  4. Vietnam Veterans Home Page http://grunt.space.swri.edu  is Bill McBride's excellent resource guide to matters important to all of us.
  5. Vietnam Catholic http://www.vietcatholic.net   A broad network of important information about Vietnam in Vietnamese
  6. Vietnam Business Services http://www.vietnambusiness.com when you are looking for resources to make or find opportunities, look here but please remember to return to VVG.
  7. Vietnam Access http://www.vietnamaccess.com   Free access to International Business Directory, Many useful items and services for sale, and data on trade shows
  8. Global Destinations http://www.destinationvietnam.com   Access to data about: adoptions, art, books, business, cuisine, culture, entertainment, photography, travel, and more.
  9. VietGate http://www.vietgate.netThe gateway to the Vietnamese Community.
  10. VietTouch  http://www.viettouch.com A great way to meet the best from Vietnam
  11. Nam Viet http://www.namviet.com   A research tool for all interested in making links to Vietnam.
  12. Global Web Explorer http://www.guernsey.net/~sgibbs/www.html  Links to "every country in the world."
  13. Sunsite http://sunsite.unc.edu/vietnam   Great photos of Vietnam, including some from VVG
  14. Willy's Place  http://www.oregoncoast.com/willy/index.htm Visually a treat. Photos, links and more.
  15. AmCham Vietnam www.amchamvietnam.com  American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam
  16. Things Asian www.thingsasian.com  adoptions, art, books, kids, links, music, travel, and more
  17. Saigon Today www.saigontoday.net   interesting, informative web service, advice, and more from Vietnam
  18. The Asian Search Engine http://search.asiaco.com a comprehensive, interesting, and informed place to conduct your search from.
  19. Land.Net  http://www.land.net The Global Real Estate Commerce Site
  20. Webcover http://www.webcover.com  link into a portion of California's Vietnamese community.   
  21. Vietnam Resource Center http://come.to/vietnamnet    Extensive and a "Must See" for links, resources, music, and more.
  22. Vietvision  http://www.vietvision.com a site that will meet everyone's needs for information about Vietnam.
  23. MPI http://www.mpi.gov.vn/default.aspx?Lang=2 Ministry of Planning & Investment  site for foreign direct investment
  24. McCannas http://www.mccannas.com a nice place to find graphic art
  25. FITA http://tradelinks.wfta.org/index.asp?category_id=6883&language=en&parentcategory_id=2   web links to and about Vietnam.
  26. VIETNAMworks.com http://www.vietnamworks.com  the leading career and recruiting website in Vietnam
  27. Mekong Travel & Vietnam Business Service  http://www.mekong-travel.com & http://www.vietnambusiness.com   organized tours to Asia and business links with Vietnam.
  28. Vietnam Independence Day Ecards  http://www.123greetings.com/events/vietnam_independence_day/   Send Free Online Greeting Cards to your friends & loved ones. ALL cards are absolutely FREE !!!
  29. Living in Vietnam  http://www.livinginvietnam.com  About Expat life in Vietnam (relocation, jobs, business, family, friends, hobbies...), Vietnamese culture, Urban guide (Han oi and Ho Chi Minh)
  30. Garden decor http://www.garden-elegance.com/ Wrought Iron Furniture and Wall Hangings, Garden Weathervanes, Japanese Garden Decor, A Variety of Hammock, Garden, Dťcor Gift, & Gardening Gift Ideas
  31. Doug's Vietnam - http://vietnam-now.com   A written account of a Vietnam vet's return to Vietnam along with specific information on trip planning and sights.
  32. Learn About Trade http://www.learningabouttrading.com/   Within the Learning About Trading website, we have incorporate the links, articles and products that will help you find the right system for you.
  33. Asia Expats - http://www.asiaexpat.info an expatriate community forum providing, lifestyle, work, Asian culture, business and entertainment information to aid foreigners in East Asia and Southeast Asia
  34. TCK Group -  http://www.tckgroup.org/  Vietnam's First International Hotel Consultancy Group. Helping clients make informed decisions about investing in the hospitality and tourism sectors of Vietnam.
  35. Door Handles - http://www.diy-doorhandles.com Suppliers of  Door Handles | Lever Handles | Brass Door furniture. Suppliers World-wide of handles, door knobs, and many other fine products online at a low Price from this excellent resource
  36. Sky Investments -  http://www.stock-vietnam.com/ on line resource for the most up-to date stock listings, indices, and economic news.
  37. Apartments Dubai - http://www.selectproperty.com  Description : Select Property provides a complete suite of services to ensure you have an enjoyable and profitable experience from your investment property purchase in Dubai.
  38. Miami botox - http://www.imagosplasticsurgery.com/htm/procedure/botox-miami.aspx cosmetic plastic surgery, plastic surgeons in miami, miami plastic surgery
  39. Reading Lamps - http://www.ottlite.com/c-18-desktable.aspxOttlite is a leading and well known manufacturer and supplier of reading lamps, daylight lamps, HD lights, craft lights full spectrum lighting and other lighting sources for home and offices.
  40. Above Ground Swimming Pools - http://www.nationwidepools.com  All of our swimming pool packages come turn-key with everything you need to get your pool running plus many above ground pool accessories.
  41. Acne Advice for Black Skin - http://www.acneblackskin.com/  Information on how to treat acne for all who have dark or black skin to include Africans, African-Americans, South Asians, Southeast Asians, etc.
  42. VKTOUR - http://www.vktour.com/index.html   Vietnamís Adventure Travel Experts. A warm welcome to Vietnam from everyone at VKTOUR
  43. Alarm Clock you won't believe! http://www.moshilifestyle.com Voice Controlled Alarm Clock. Ask for the time, set the alarm, and even snooze by voice. Just speak and Moshi listens.
  44. GingerAsia Hong Kong http://hongkong.gingerasia.com/index.aspx Hong Kongís lifestyle portal with free classified ads, provoking articles, informative location guides and special members-only events Ė discover the dragon.
  45. Solar Panels http://www.hardysolar.com Hardy Solar one of the first companies to install solar panels.
  46. Florida Health Insurance http://www.flhealthnetwork.com/ Providing individual, family, self-employed, and small business health insurance quotes and services throughout Florida
  47. Home Energy Audits http://www.energydoctors.org/  Home energy audits
  48. Home Tanning Bed http://www.greattanningbeds.com/ Get a high quality home tanning bed at discounted prices from Great Tanning Beds.
  49. Reglan Lawsuit   http://www.onlinelawyersource.com/reglan/lawsuits/  Have you been affected by any of reglan side effects? Talk to a lawyer.
  50. Online Pharmacy http://www.onlineushealth.com/  Online US Health providing trusted access to a wide selection of online prescription drugs.
  51. Los Angeles Real Estate  http://www.royalcrownrealestate.com  At Royal Crown Real Estate open communication between you and your broker is one of our top priorities.
  52. Window Coverings Toronto  http://www.prestige-decorating.com/ window coverings to Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton and the GTA. We offer over 90,000 fabrics for custom draperies and upholstery





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Vietnam News Agency-VNA Saigon Times Weekly
Vietnam News-VNN Saigon Newsreader
Vietnam Globe Vietnam Business Journal
Ho Chi Minh Globe Vietnam Economic Times
Vietnam Ebiz Vietnam Investment Review
Vietnam Panorama Nhat Bao Nhan Dan
Vietnam Insight Online

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Viet Bao Online Con Ong (ThangLong Newspaper)
Nguoi Viet Online Viet Luan (Australia)
Viet Catholics Nhat Bao Nhan Dan
Viet Mercury Vietnam Sports News
Vietnam Daily


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