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I both honor and respect all the people of Vietnam as well as all the American soldiers who were fooled into or simply compelled to go there in the war years. Today, 40 years since my return from the war, I have lived and worked with Vietnamese who were at extreme odds with America during the "American" war. Formerly enemies, they are now members of my family, my closest personal friends, and important business associates.

As former enemies, we long ago joined hands as new friends, each knowing the past is the past and the only way to proceed is forward.  Many Americans fell and never recovered; those who lived, those who died, and their families still suffer. Many more Vietnamese fell and their families too still have pain and horrid memories. We honor them all. 

These documents were made 39 years ago. At all times the peoples of America and Vietnam have been or should have been friends. Since the USA embargo was lifted in 1994 our two nations have become real friends. To both Americans and Vietnamese, I assure you that no disrespect, harm, or ill-will is meant by these offerings. 

We Americans fought our own bloody war to reunify our nation. That war ended in 1865 and was followed by a too long era of enforced reconstruction that left as many wounds as the war itself.  By 1899, thirty-four years later, the American way of life had matured.

Life in 1899 the Civil War had ended and the American north was fully mobilized for industry --- forests of smokestacks had grown alongside swelling cities. It was a period of confidence as the country opened its doors to immigrants and set out boldly to shape a new destiny. The smoke that billowed over the landscape was seen as a good omen; it meant prosperity. The intense pollution was rationalized by some doctors who declared that smoke with carbon, sulfur and iodine acted as a cure for lung diseases and that it killed malaria. While we complain today of the freeways and city streets clogged with automobiles and the vision of a horse an buggy produces nostalgia for the good old days but a century ago it produced a different feeling, with thousands of pounds of manure in the city streets, producing a powerful stench, spreading disease, filth. The horses, industrial vapors, garbage caused the more pessimistic observers to fear that American cities would disappear like Pompeii -- but not under ashes. The timely arrival of the horseless carriage prevented this, of course. It was widely hoped that the age of polluted air was coming to a close, that cities at long last would be healthier, cleaner, quieter places to live. A hundred years later we are curtailing the use of automobiles and experimenting with cleaner burning fuels because of our concern about pollution and the depletion of the ozone layer.

Today, 34 years after the American-Vietnam War ended in 1975, we see even greater progress in Vietnam, both north and south. I and many others know true healing requires a candor not often found by nations, and that mistakes are best admitted so that we all can move forward, remembering the past but working for today and beyond.

I am very sensitive to the feelings of the people of both nations. The peoples of America and Vietnam have always been friends. That is the greatest sadness of the war. I am the adoptive father of several children born in Vietnam of Vietnamese birth parents.

It is my hope in making these documents available for the fist time that both the people and governments of these two great nations will view these important documents for what they can teach us all... about the need to avoid war, about the need to not just speak justly but achieve justice, to avoid conflict by seeking and arriving at consensus, and above all , the overriding need to take every measures to insure that the lessons of the past -- from our respective individual mistakes -- will not ever be repeated.


Each document is fully guaranteed to have been produced from 1970-1971 by or for the 10th Psychological Operations (PsyOps) Battalion in Can Tho, Vietnam. This was the southern arm of the IV th PsyOps Group headquartered in Bien Hoa, north of Saigon and near Long Binh Stockade and Plantation, Headquarters of the II Field Force (operating in the III Corps Tactical Zone, later called Military Region III) commanded in April 1970 by Lieutenant General Michael Davidson, and United States Army Republic of Vietnam (USARV) headquarters, commanded by General Creighton Abrams.

Each item offered for sale here was collected in 1971 and preserved since the war years.

I was a key member in the office of "CPOC." It may seem funny, but neither I nor anyone I worked with knew what CPOC stood for.  Perhaps it was Cords Propaganda & Operations Command?. We worked in coordination with both the Army Republic of Viet Nam (ARVN) 51st Political Warfare (PolWar) Battalion and the US IV Corps CORDS, an arm of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) at that time headed by John Paul Van.

Images of the owner in Can Tho, Vietnam October 1970 to April 1971


To protect the privacy of my family in America and some who still live in Vietnam, I asked to keep my identity private.  I suspect my buddies and the Governments of both America and Vietnam will be able to figure out my identity.  I have made that easy in part to establish my authenticity and the authenticity of the documents offered.  While I do not like hiding myself and I hope it will not always be needed, some of my family and friends in America and Vietnam fear for our freedom and even safety by making this offer.  I trust the good people in Vietnam will act without fear and help many beyond my own circle of family and friends to know that we can soon be much more open in exploring and repairing the damage done so many years before.

However, in the time that comes between now and then, I asked a commercial company to represent me... and even their employees asked that they do NOT link these pages to their website!

Openings are being made. A recent article in Viet Nam News shows this may now be possible.

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