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Return Policy

Most items are carefully inspected & photographed during manufacture and before packing; the photographs are retained for at least 90 days.

It is the buyer's responsibly before accepting delivery to inspect the outside of each carton, box, or crate that the items are shipped in.

DELIVERY DAMAGE - A damaged carton, box or crate indicates the items inside were most likely damaged during shipping.  If your delivery appears to have a damaged carton, box, or crate, follow these instructions:

  1. It is the buyer's responsibility to send by E-mail a letter to V V G within seven (7) calendar days of the receipt of any carton, box, or crate that is delivered in a damaged condition.

  2. It is the buyer's responsibility to take photographs of the damaged carton, box, or crate before signing any acceptance of delivery forms and before unpacking.

  3. It is the buyer's responsibility to either refuse delivery or have the delivery agent write on the acceptance form the extent and nature of the damage. Damage to the carton, box, or crate, and damage to the items after being unpacked both must be written on the delivery acceptance form and signed by the delivery agent.  You must keep a copy of that form & send it to us.

  4. In every situation of suspected shipping damage, if the items are accepted in damaged cartons, boxes, or crates, it is the buyer's responsibility to unpack the items in the presence of the delivery agent.

  5. Photographs of damage to the carton, box, or crate, and to the packed items themselves must clearly show the packing material as the items are being unpacked, and the damaged items.

  6. The photographs must each be clear, neither blurred, dark, nor light, be at least 250 KB in size, and allow others to see and understand the damage clearly by looking at the photographs sent to us.

  7. The shipped items are insured; the buyer's failure to inspect before acceptance, and the buyer's failure to document as described here the observable damage at the time of delivery may void the shipping insurance.

  8. If shipping insurance should apply but be void because of buyer's failures, this company will not make any refund for damage incurred.

Remember: Immediately on arrival of a damaged carton, box, or crate, send us by E-mail (1) a copy of your delivery acceptance form, and (2) copies of all photographs taken. Do NOT return a item broken due to shipping error unless we or a shipping agent asks you.

MANUFACTURING DEFECT - We can assist buyers' making claim against the manufacturing factory for its manufacturing defect only when (1)  the buyer or his/her agent follows these instructions; and (2) the factory both examines the best evidence of the claimed manufacturing defect and the factory agrees to repair, replace, or refund the purchase price (excluding shipping costs) of the item damaged.

  1. A claim for manufacturing defect must be received by V V G not later than seven (7) calendar days after a carton, box, or crate is received and accepted by buyer or his/her agent.  The claim must be made by E-mail that has attached (1) a clear copy of the delivery acceptance form, (2) photos of the defect as specified in Section 4 below; and (3) a written statement  in English clearly describing the defect.

  2. "Latent Defects" are any suspected deviations first reported to V V G later than seven (7) calendar days after receipt and acceptance. Claims of Latent Defects are not recognized as a valid claim due to the fragile and unique nature of all hand-crafted items.

  3. It is buyer's responsibility to unpack and carefully inspect all items as soon as they are delivered.

  4. When a defect is seen on an item within 7 days of its delivery, it is the buyer's responsibility to take clear photographs of  (1) the carton, box, or crate; (2) all packing materials, and (3) all items that clearly show the claimed manufacturing defect.

  5. Each photograph must (1) be clear  -- too dark, or too light, and all blurred images will not be accepted; (2) be at least 250 KB in size, and (3) allow others to easily both see and understand the claimed defect .

  6. Buyer must send to V V G by E-mail the following: (1) a copy of the delivery acceptance form (both sides of each page), (2) copies of all photographs taken; and (3) a clear written description in English of the defect claimed.

  7. Do NOT return any item unless and until management at V V G specifically in an E-mail letter asks you to return the item.

  8. After receipt of buyer's delivery acceptance forms, photographs, and statement of defect, management at V V G will present the buyer's claim to the manufacturer for evaluation. Management at V V G represents only the buyer and will argue vigorously on Buyer's behalf using the details buyer will have supplied.

  9. Only if the manufacturer, after examining the items buyer first submits, cannot either accept or deny a manufacturing error and agrees to examine the actual item will we ask you to return the damaged item for examination and further evaluation.

  10.  Only when authorized by V V G  it is buyer's responsibility to ship freight-pre-paid the damaged item(s) to the return address shown on the shipping documents. Buyer must be certain that the new shipping carton, box, or crate is at least as safe or more safe than the one in which the item was originally sent.

  11. It is buyer's responsibility that all returned items be shipped to the proper return address, freight pre-paid, and insured for the full value of the original purchase price.

  12. Upon completion of the manufacturer's examination and evaluation, the manufacturer will offer to do one of the following:

  • Repair & return the goods, freight collect.

  • Refund the purchase price of the goods but there will be no refund of any shipping costs.

  • Return the goods to the buyer in the current condition. This will happen only if

 1.  the manufacturer does not agree the "defect" is due to manufacturing error; and

2. the buyer forwards the full cost of return packing & freight to the manufacturer or to V V G.

DESIGN OR STYLE DIFFERENCE IS NOT A MANUFACTURING DEFECT.   The items we work with are each individually different within the normal standards accepted and expected in hand-crafted items. 

Some buyers expect their goods to be exactly as pictured, as if they are made from commercially molded plastic. This is just not possible.

Each item we source is wondrously crafted, carved, joined, colored, and finished by master crafts men and crafts women, many with more than 25 years experience in their craft. Each item is a work of art.

Differences between completed products in areas such as but not limited to carving, color, details, finishing, glazing, inlay, and similar design details are not manufacturing defects, are to be expected, and will be present. The reasons include but are not limited to:

  • Hand-crafted items by their very nature of being hand-carved, hand-painted, and using other handicraft skills & tools cannot be expected to result in uniform looks.

  • The goods shown on these web pages were hand-crafted using locally available raw materials that may not be available to the master crafts men and women when your products are made.

  • There is a normal and standard artistic variation expected in all hand-crafted items. These items cannot be exactly copied, duplicated, repeated, or compared to any mass production standard.

As individuality is a large measure of the value of handicrafts, there will be no claims accepted and no refunds made for any carving, color, decorator, design, style, taste, or similar claims of differences or lost expectations.

WEATHERING CHANGES - These are not defects. These are to be expected. All natural fibers (both woods and wicker), ceramics, lacquer, metal, and stone, when exposed to rain, snow, sunlight (direct, filtered, or indirect), temperature, humidity, and/or wind are expected to change. 

These occur over time even without extremes. Central heating and air conditioning may effect and change thick wood that cannot by its nature be fully kiln dried.  Desert-dry climates can  adversely effect handicraft items. 

It is the buyer's responsibility to provide protected areas, covers, and settings for handcrafted items.

REFUNDS by cash, check, or bank wire transfer will be made under the terms in this document when defects in manufacturing or shipping are found and these formalities are strictly followed.

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