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The people of V V G available to work with you in Thailand and Vietnam are led by a team of Principals and Senior Associates. All domestic staff are full-time employees of V V G, are university educated, and fully bilingual in their local language and English. Each has experience in the field of their work and have been specially trained for the tasks at V V G.

Additional staff are hired as they are needed for specific project work, are fully familiar with the field of work undertaken, and  are carefully trained for the tasks needed.  Most are university students or graduates. Some are graduates of business school. Many of our part time staff apply for full time positions or go on to work for other institutions and organizations.

There Are Many More Good People to Serve You. The numbers of men and women in Thailand and Vietnam who are available to help our foreign clients number in the thousands. If there was a list of all those we personally know, it would be too dynamic to keep current.

In order to meet the needs of one client, V V G recently mobilized more than 100 people to undertake a market research survey. Importantly, more than half were fully fluent in spoken and written English.

University Graduates. It has been reported that "only" 7 % of the men and 3% of the women of Vietnam are university graduates. While all public statistics here are more estimates than fact and no-doubt capable of being refined, at the stated level there are nearly 2.8 million men and 1.2 million women who are university graduates in Vietnam. The number is growing.

In Thailand, the number of university graduates is even larger.

There are currently (early 2017) more than 9,800 foreign invested projects licensed in Vietnam. There are many thousands of foreign invested companies in Thailand.  These companies pay salaries to local hires in multiples of what domestic companies pay. Foreign companies attract some but not all of the best and brightest, leaving a large and talented pool of local, underemployed talent who form the bulk of our part-time, project-directed hires.

Those with Life Experience.  In addition, many fine men and women who have never graduated university, old, middle-aged and young, are fluent in both English and computer sciences. Many have skills that transcend any university education. These fine people add to the vast reservoir of domestic talent available to help the foreign investor. We use our nation-wide network of such Thai and Vietnamese Resources to supplement our own, full-time Associates as needed.

V V G Founder & CEO

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An American corporate lawyer by training, in the 23 years before he returned to Vietnam in 1994, Peter's successful law career specialized in mergers and acquisitions, transactional law, and litigation. Peter served as a member of the Board of Governors of the American Chamber of Commerce and Chair of its Government Relations Committee, He is a leading member of both the American and international business communities in Thailand and Vietnam.  Peter appeared for years in Who's Who in American Law and is featured in Who's Who of the Asian Pacific Rim and Who's Who in Vietnam.

Peter is currently in Thailand to supervise our Regional Offices. There he has taught business law to university students, counseled the Royal Family in matters of US enterprise work, and supervises the world-wide work of V V G.

Peter suspended his long and successful law practice to form V V G in 1994 in order to merge his personal and business interests. After 35 years, Peter officially retired from the practice of law in 2004 even as he is still licensed to practice law in Georgia, New York and Washington, DC.  Peter started his legal career while serving with the U.S. Army in Vietnam in 1970. His initial duty station was in Tan An, Long An Province, as Defense Counsel for the 9th Infantry Division. He later served in Can Tho with the 10th Psy Ops Battalion as its commanding officer. After one year in Vietnam, Peter left the army to join the internationally recognized NYC Wall Street law firm of Mendes and Mount.

Three years later, his career path took Peter to the international giant chemical and pharmaceutical company, Ciba Geigy, now long merged into the US$ 30 billion giant Novartis. Peter quickly rose to become a key Management Board member in the Chemical & Additives Division (last annual sales US$ 600 million) of the US subsidiary. He additionally served the larger US organization's legal needs as its Assistant General Counsel.

Peter left Ciba after nearly fourteen years to form his own law firm in New York City. Two years later, in order to better meet the needs of his growing list of clients, Peter moved his practice to the large and prestigious, national law firm of Arent Fox at its headquarters in Washington, DC. Following a short stop in Atlanta, Peter returned to Vietnam in January, 1994. Peter remained in Vietnam and later moved to Thailand, keeping residences and offices in both nations. The Main Office of V V G remains in Atlanta, Georgia, USA but this is Peter's 21st consecutive year in Southeast Asia.

Peter's commitments to both American business and the people of Asia are more than 40 years long. Peter sponsored and brought to America several Vietnamese friends that he made during the war (1970-71) and went on to sponsor 18 families.  Peter was the founder of the Concerned Committee for Indo-Chinese Refugees (NYC 1977), and Asians & Friends - Atlanta (1993).  

Along with some of those former refugees, Peter bought the 400 seat Sun Tong Gung Restaurant on Pell Street, Chinatown, NYC (1986-89).  Peter is no stranger to the people of Southeast Asia.

Peter is the head of his large, extended family, as well as the devoted father to his 36-year old birth-son - a graduate of both Wesleyan University in Connecticut (BA) and Mills College in Oakland (MFA), and three sons he adopted from Vietnam. The two middle lads are currently living and working in or near Atlanta. The youngest graduated University with highest honors and is a specialist programmer for a leading Thailand software developer. 

A recognized leader, frequent lecturer and author, dozens of Peter’s published articles are on matters concerning cost control, innovative management techniques, and strategic planning. He is the principal author of V V G’s 250 page, hard-bound Investment Guide to Vietnam, published in 9 editions. Peter graced many editorial boards of leading legal publications. He has for decades been a much sought after guest lecturer. Peter is frequently quoted in the local and international media for key comments in the fields of his endeavors.

Peter is the founder, CEO, and General Director (President) of V V G. An accomplished and recognized master in his fields, starting in 1994 Peter assembled an equally capable group of Principals, Senior Associates, and Junior Associates in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and since the year 2000, in Thailand. This superb V V G assembly of team players is available to help international corporate and private, high-income investors from the world undertake market research, establish infrastructure projects, achieve market position, enhance product penetration, grow market share, and establish manufacturing facilities in Southeast Asia.

Consulting Services & Handicrafts trade became Peter's work in leading the team at V V G and guiding their clients to even greater success. This boutique & successful company Peter formed serves as Buying/Purchasing/Sourcing Agent and business consultant service providers to enterprises, corporations, dealers, wholesalers, retailers, and high-net-worth individuals from around the world.  

V V G is the proven low cost provider of high-end products and services due to Peter's emphasis on excellence, brought from his decades in senior corporate management the QC and QA inspection methodology he brings of the highest order, and his insistence on not purchasing anything that he would not be proud to show in his own homes and offices.

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