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Mission & Services


Our objective is to serve the needs of our clients to create significant and sustainable value in terms of cost, quality, and service in sourcing their products from Thailand’s and Vietnam’s supply markets by leveraging our abilities, skills, and strengths accumulated over the decades to the benefit of each client.

We develop long-term relationships based on integrity and transparency in our work, and our ability to identify, qualify, select, and manage Thai and Vietnamese suppliers hired to produce for export on a one-off and/or on an on-going basis.


We provide end-to-end service starting from our strong national and web presence, leading to initial inquiries, through to in-person and hands-on sourcing operations and follow-up with vendors as there may be that need. We operate under a long tested model which ensures that we work exclusively for the buyer. We have no preferred relationship with any of the hundreds of vendors in the region or the dozens of suppliers we source from.  We devote years to researching, locating, and overseeing each vendor, and then building and maintaining a business relationship that is fully devoted towards supporting our clients by continuously improving their product lines. The procedures we follow can be divided into segments.

Developing Product Needs




Analyze client budget

Identify & qualify a short list of sources per priority category

Manage vendor compliance and performance

Analyze supply market

Identify priorities

Prepare RFI and RFQ

Continuously search for and monitor new sources

Quantify cost reductions

Manage the tender process & negotiations

Develop business needs

Manage product quality, vendor payment, and shipping

Define implementation plan

Implement the contract


Estimated & prioritized opportunities to search for the needed quality at the best available price

Meet or exceed client targets of price, quality, & service

Perform Client needs to manage the vendors by supervising production, payment, and shipping.

Continuously improve targets for improved quality and lower costs

The client is given all information with total transparency; we build client relationships based first on performance, then reliability, and finally trust. Our sourcing process expertise that combines operational with program management skills allows us to generate results rapidly across a wide range of products.

Now in our 20th year as an established American presence in Southeast Asia, using the skills of our people combined with a broad understanding of both industrial and retail buying practices and requirements, gives V V G an upper hand to manage communications with clients and suppliers, both cost-effectively and cost-efficiently.


Our people are trained to follow V V G’s rigorous strategic sourcing methodology in order to rapidly demonstrate savings to the bottom line. Our sourcing approach is highly analytical based on making supplier selection decisions as objectively and as fact-based as possible.

(1) Demand Analysis    (2) Supply Analysis   (3)  Strategic and Tactical Planning  to

(4) Vendor Selection   (5) Contract Implementation    (6) Vendor Management  to

(7) QC & QA Inspections   (8) Shipping Supervision  and as needed Follow-up

Key steps in our process include (1) analyzing each client’s individual project requirements and reviewing our findings with the client, (2) project specific expanding our broad knowledge about the supply market structure and dynamics, (3) developing the sourcing strategy for each project, (4) negotiating with candidate vendors and selecting suppliers, (5) implementing each contract, (6) close supervision of each vendor to insure it meets our client’s needs, (7) rigorous quality control and quality assurance inspections, (8) managing payments to vendors and as needed subcontractors & testing services, (9) on-the-spot shipping and export document supervision, and (10) follow-up services to correct errors and place new orders.

In each project we dedicate experienced staff who manage the client’s needs on an on-going basis. The advantages of this approach are significant.

Our clients avoid any need to build/manage an internal team but can rely on V V G as their external service provider whose core competency is to run sourcing operations in Thailand and Vietnam.

As a Sourcing Service Provider working for multiple companies, we achieve economies of scale which a client on a stand-alone basis could not leverage. We accomplish this through aggregating purchases across multiple customers for the same product lines where possible, investing in broad product knowledge and expertise, and negotiating leverage deals with suppliers

Each client selectively picks the products it wants V V G to manage production and export on its behalf.

OUR WORK is always for our clients, never for a vendor, and consists of:

  • Vendor work - using our local resources developed over the past 20 years in Thailand and Vietnam, we

    • Never take cash or kind from any vendor and thus avoid all conflicts of interest.

    • Establish and maintain excellent professional relations with all regional factories only as purchasers for our clients and not ever as a vendor’s sales representative.

    • Regularly visit with each vendor, dropping from our source list all who can't keep up with our standards, adding those whose standards improve, and locating new vendors as they form.

    • Achieve the lowest prices due to our high volume, repeat purchases.

  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance - this begins with the selection of each vendor and never ends.

    • RFI – requests for information from our client allows us to insure all designs, drawings, images, and specifications are fully disclosed to, understood by, and translated for each candidate vendor.

    • RFQ - requests for quotations are submitted to two or more vendors unless a client directs us to purchase from a particular vendor.  We review the product design and components first with the client and then with the factories, translating into the local language as needed. We then personally meet with factory managers to insure they understand each part of every order and have the ability to meet or exceed Client needs.

    • Design review of custom goods. We review each design with the selected vendor and carefully inspect a template drawing or sample product before passing it to the client for approval.  This is not always a single step operation as we seek to have all finished goods made correctly, the first time.

    • Production review & Quality Control - once a week or more often as needed, our staff are on the production line looking at the progress and taking photographs to show our clients. We are often able to catch mistakes and overcome challenges before they become problems.

    • Quality Assurance - as products come off the production line, our domestic staff are present to carefully inspect each product or on large orders of table-top items, random samples in a statistically significant number, to insure the original design is faithfully executed and defect free prior to shipment. We provide the client with photographs and as needed, our own certification of inspection.

    • Inventory Control and Shipping Supervision - we take photographs of each product or representative samples on large orders of table top items. We supervise the packing, loading, and coordinate forwarding the shipping documents that are sent as soon as possible after the goods leave the factory.

    • Follow-up as needed. We stand ready to both place new orders with the suppliers and/or to address negative issues, always fully representing the needs of only the client.

  • Correspondence - from more than 35,000 visitors to our web pages each month, we receive over 1,000 inquires every month, most of which are fully responded to, as well as our existing client base. Our mail is directed to:

    • Prospective clients; this is our only method of sorting committed buyers who can become our clients, from shoppers and frauds who merely look to better a price offered by others, or try to get free samples or reduced cost goods by promising future orders that are never placed.

    • Candidate clients who need assurances that our representations will be realized after they place their trust in - and order with - V V G.  When the number of pre-order letters exchanged appears to be inversely proportional to the size of the order, we laugh; we never can know!

    • Reports to clients are weekly or more often as events warrant; they include photos of products that are being made. All full size originals are sent in a CD when a job is completed.

    • Shippers who need us to coordinate the time for delivery between the factory and our clients.

    • We never send out un-requested broadcast mailings to solicit business.

Our Fees – Are highly competitive; we beat all other service providers who do not favorably compete on the quality services we provide.  These costs are always off-set by the value our work adds to every purchase.

·        Long term agreement – when more than 1 shipment a year is anticipated.

o       V V G receives a commission equal to the greater of (i) an agreed per cent of the FOB value of each shipment, or (ii) an agreed minimum for each shipment.

o       In no event will cash payments to V V G by the Client be made to or through a vendor. All commissions are payable separately by the Client (i) fifty percent (50%) at the time the order is placed and (ii) the balance on the date shipping documents are presented to the Client.

o       V V G warrants that we have no ownership or financial interest in, nor does V V G exercise any control of the factories making the products purchased with the assistance of V V G.  None of the factories have any ownership or financial interest whatsoever in, nor do any of them exercise any control over V V G.

o       V V G does not in the ordinary course of business maintain an inventory of merchandise but only orders merchandise for Client’s in accordance with Client’s instructions. 

o       V V G will arrange for the testing of all merchandise, at the factory’s initial expense that will be invoiced to the Client, to determine such merchandise's compliance with receiving nation’s laws.  Testing will be completed by an independent agency satisfactory to Client. A written report, satisfactory to Client, describing such results will be issued to Client.  V V G instructs all factories that merchandise delivered to Client pursuant to this agreement will comport with the receiving nation’s laws and regulations, copies of which laws and regulations (written in plain English) Client will provide to V V G no later than at the time of the placement of each order.

Our Offices – We have offices in both Vietnam (since March 1994) and Thailand (since October 1999) where our full time staff are always available to work with our clients. Our home office in Atlanta is for administrative work only.

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