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Patterns Inlay/Moldings

Click here to go to special Thai designs for casings, moldings, etc.

Mother of Pearl & Eggshell Inlay

Mother of Pearl inlaid on MDF or hardwoods including king and rose wood
Chair back - rear Chair back - front Corner application Center application - Floral design -1
Center application - Floral design - 2 Lilly Pond - Surround - top & side - partial Floral design - 2  Center application - Floral Design 3
Lotus - Surround - top - partial Wreath- Surround - top & side - complete Crain Chinese Wedding Party
Vase design - 1 Vase design - 2 Tree design - 2 Tree design 1- Wide chair back or center application
Forest design - 1 Bird design -1 Floral design - 4 Floral design - 5 
Dragon design -1 Phoenix design - 1 Dragon & Phoenix design - 1 Dragon & Phoenix - 2
  Linier border                       with corner floral flourish  
Phoenix design - 2 Confucian Figures Floral Concentric
round, square, rectangle
Eggshell inlaid on ceramic, fiberglass, or MDF

What ever design you can imagine can be applied.
Send us your designs and be wonderfully surprised.



Work in the rain season Rain does not fall 24 hours a day Cutting to shape Demanding work by master craft people
Fine results kept safe for use placing cut pieces on template Using colors & shapes for best look Egg shells are also used
Applied with lacquer and cracked in place Hand painted highlights Applied by master craftsmen Exacting detail work
Final cover of lacquer Even the bottoms are covered Hand polishing in water and still more polishing


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Casings and Moldings

Solid Teak Casings/Moldings
Hand Carved In Thailand

All products can be made in any size, in horizontal or vertical
For baseboards, ceilings, chair-rails , brick casings, door surrounds, etc.

Sold by the cubic meter, price depends on the degree of hand carving as well at the amount of wood.

ORDER with your door purchases; chose door design by clicking here
or write to us to ask for more designs

ORDER Separately and minimum purchase must exceed US$ 10,000.00
Smaller orders sold at a 40% premium over wholesale prices
Read how easy it is to place an order or just write to us

Hardwood Carving Designs

Choose from some of the most favorite or obscure, or send us your own
Scroll below to capture the essence of  Asian culture in wood

We do not give the products shown fancy names;
We just source the best products in the region for the lowest prices.
You must click each image to see the exquisite detail that will be carved into your casings or moldings , or where ever you want them .

Click on the images to see larger photos of designs


Casing - 001 Casing - 002 Casing - 003

Casing - 004 Casing - 005 Casing - 006

To place an order just write to us

Casing - 007 Casing - 008 Casing - 009

Casing - 010 Casing - 011 Casing - 012

To place an order just write to us

Casing - 013 Casing - 014 Casing - 015

Casing - 016 Casing - 017 Casing - 018

To place an order just write to us

Casing - 019 Casing - 020 Casing - 021

Casing - 022 Casing - 023 Casing - 024

To place an order just write to us

Casing - 025 Casing - 026 Casing - 027

The color is unintentional. Full size images are normal

Casing - 028 Casing - 029 Casing - 030

To place an order just write to us

Casing - 031 Casing - 032 Casing - 033
The color is unintentional.  Full size image should be normal color

Casing - 034 Casing - 035 Casing - 036




Casing - 037

ORDER these casings with your door & furniture purchases.
Chose door designs by
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