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Exceptional Teak

Exceptionally High Quality
Teak and Craftsmanship


Made from the world's best teak
With fantastic gain patterns and no discoloration, knots, or holes

All prices are at Fair Labor Rates in US Dollars.

All wood comes from renewable, sustainable forests

All prices are in US$

No minimum order, sales are Ex Works factory. That means freight and export charges are extra.

All prices must be confirmed at the time of your order

Write to us with the reference numbers and the quantities of each design needed.

Ref: SUD-01

Picnic Table & Bench Set

Table: L-75.5 W-39.5 H-30.0

Butcher Block Design

2, Rough Hewn benches

3 piece set
@ $ 3,792.00

Benches: L-75.0 W-16 H-32.5




Ref: SUD-04

Octagon Extension Table Set

Table: L-89 W-35.5 H-30

2 Arm Chairs

4 Side Chairs:

8 piece set
@ $ 3,518.00

Extension: L-17.5

L-25.5 W-19 H-36.5

L-17.5 W-17.5 H-36 



Ref: SUD-07

Rose Extension Table Set

Table: L-69 W-36 H-30.5

Actual Color

With 6 Folding Chairs

8 piece set
@ $ 3,518.00

Extension 18.0

Rose Wood

L-19.5 W-18.5 H-36.0




Ref: SUD-10

Drop-Leaf Round set5 piece set
 @ $ 2,685.00

Table D-48 H-30

Chairs: L-19.5 W-18.5 H-36

With 4 Folding Chairs




Ref: SUD-15

Round Table Set5 piece set
@ $ 2,708.00

Table: D-48 H-30

4 Arm Chairs: L-25.5 W-17.5 H-36

Remarkable single piece curved  frame construction




Write to us with the Ref No. and quantities needed.

Ref: SUD-16


Sun Arm Chair Set

3 piece set
@ $ 2,708.00

Table: L-28 W-20 H-16


2 Chairs L-28.5 W-26.5 H-34.5




Ref: SUD-18


Miami Arm Chair Set

3 piece set
 @ $ 2,370.00

Table: L-22 W-22 H-21

2 Chairs L-32 W-35 H-35




Ref: SUD-20


Reclining Chair Set

3 piece set
@ $  2,910.00

Table: L-23.5 W-20 H-16

2 Chairs: L-26 W-32 H-39




 Ref: SUD-22


Low Rise Arm Chair Set

5 piece set
@ $ 3,225.00

Table: 40x40 H-15

Glass not included

4 Arm Chairs L-29.5 W-30.5 H-38


Cushions included





Ref: SUD-24


Upholstered Lounge Set

5 piece set
@ $ 2,694.00

2 Reclining Chairs L-28.5 W-38 H-33

Table L-23 W-30 H-15.5

2 Foot Rests L-28 W-38

Cushions included





Write to us with the Ref No. and quantities needed.

Non Reclining Lounge



Reclining Lounge

Ref: SUD-26R


L-29.5 W-33 H-36.5

5 piece set @ $ 2,640.00

L-29.5 W-33 H-36.5

Foot Stool L-20 W-33


Foot Stool L-20 W-33

2 chairs w/ table set


2 chairs w/ table set




Expedition Set

Ref: SUD-28

Table: L-31.5 W-20 H-22

5 piece set @ $ 2,100.00

4 side chairs L-20 W-21.5 H-32




Three seat Bench

 Ref: SUD-29

3 person bench w/ turned legs

L-71 W-25 H-33.5 

single piece @ $ 2,046.00



Write to us with the Ref No. and quantities needed.

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