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Working with consumers, retailers, wholesalers buying high-end handicraft products, we have 15 + years long presence in the region & 40+ years experience in international business, law, and trade.

Custom Design Work

Please send to us by E-mail your own designs and specifications. We will find the proper manufacture to complete your project.  Send us high resolution images and full specifications, including Pantone Color Codes.  Then allow us to do the necessary research on your behalf to locate and then supervise the source.

For these ceramic products, we are purchasing / sourcing agents TO THE TRADE ONLY. That means we can serve wholesale purchasers who buy in full 40-foot container lots only.  The time it takes to process retail orders does not make smaller orders cost-effective.  Some of our custom orders are shown below.

see how these products are packed

Bat Trang Pottery

Continuing a tradition born in the 16th century, harmonizing the best of modeling, sculpture, design and color, window shop world famous crackle-glaze, celadon greens, magenta reds and browns at their best. These products are sold in wholesale lots TO THE TRADE ONLY.



Ceramic & Stoneware Buddha

Very large ceramic potted heads of Buddha and other Eastern religious figures, made in Chiang Mai, Thailand and fully legal for export. These are wonderfully accurate reproductions, not antiques. Beware of other products. These are certified to be free of lead and cadmium. These are VERY thickly potted and very heavy. Retail sales to consumers and collectors are encouraged.



Caledon Ceramics of Thailand

Pots, vessels, vases and more; celadon, porcelain, Cloisonné, glazed or not, these products will astound many.  These are the centerpieces of many collection. Some of the work is classically simple. All are shipped from the factory to you. Retail sales subject to substantial increases over wholesale costs are encouraged.


Thai Pots, Fountains, & Vases

Chiang Mai Thailand now offers the worlds best extra large pottery, crafted and certified to contain no lead or cadmium products. These are unlike others that can be bought for less; do not be fooled. We do get what we pay for. Retail sales are encouraged.


Vietnamese Planters, Pots and More

Binh Duong & Dong Nai Provinces in Vietnam produce some of the best quality large and small pots. See some of the thousands of products at their place of origin.  Overlook the dust.  Look at our patterns and colors. Then, choose from these, or ask to see more. These products are sold in wholesale lots TO THE TRADE ONLY.


Packing Materials & Process:

Shipping Depends on Packing -  VVG knows damaged shipments can destroy resale profitability.  We supervise the packing and shipping process as a added value service to our customers. See how this is done. 

V V G supervised packing and loading is a value added service included in the offered price for most items.  However, (i) when requested bubble pack and other more costly packing materials are available at extra cost, but (ii) some factories may seek extra cost for even "standard" packing as shown here.

Many are not satisfied with factory standard packing, which is why we show it here. When extra packing is ordered (we recommend bubble wrap), we insure that it is used.



Latex and Styrofoam pieces are placed in the bottom of  bamboo baskets into which the items are loaded.

  2- Layering

Latex and Styrofoam is then laid between concentric sized pots that are loaded inside each other.

  3 - Cover

Cardboard is then placed around each piece and tied with strong plastic tape.

   4- Palates

Wood palates are used to hold individual lots of packaged pots.

    5 -Single Layer

Bamboo or wood used to separate the sets which are individually tied together with strong plastic tape.

    6- Multiple Layers

Sets of Pots are packed together on palates.

    7 - Finished Package

Completed palate ready for loading into containers. Each section in the container has its own separator.


* Approximate conversion of centimeters to inches *
5 cm = 2 inches
10 cm = 4 inches
15 cm = 6 inches
20 cm = 8 inches
25 cm = 10 inches
30 cm = 1 foot

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