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  • Vietnam's Economic Indicators  1998 to 2014Monthly back issues that through charts and statistics show the economic happenings in and about Vietnam

  • Business Articles & Special Reports 1998 to 2014Current facts in media reports about the bubble economy of Vietnam

  • Vietnam Vignettes  1997 to 2004 monthly summary of domestically published  media reports from more than 17 industrial sectors that V V G follows & and report upon for our clients.

  • Saigon Photos  A photographic history of commercial construction and public works projects in HCMC (that is still called Saigon) from 1994 to 2008.

  • Cua Lap Resort  The history of the Cua Lap site, the original project, aspirations, & hopes of the local Vietnamese people who live on what may yet become the Sai Gon Atlantis Hotel Resort

  • People of Cua Lap A photographic essay featuring  works by Hans Kemp and  some from our own V V G staff photographers who celebrate the people living and working in the Cua Lap area

  • Anh's Law  Vietnam's ten-year long driving safety program inspired by V V G. Helmets are now worn in Vietnam.


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