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  1. February Inflation is 14.78%  Is it doom and gloom in Vietnam, or is  Vietnam asleep and dreaming? 21 March 2013

  2. January inflation is down Below 18% and rentals drop except for the unwary but all other cost rise. Hotel dinners @ $50 are now common. 17 February 2013

  3. December small slow-down in inflation VND is devalued; unemployment grows; but then, all economies are suffering in 2013. 14 January 2013

  4. November numbers do not help Auto markets slow for  4th Q as Vietnam suffers economic hiccups that reduces GDP. December 22, 2008

  5. A tightrope: inflation and downturn;    2014inflation, one or two digits? Gas price drops; tempers flare. Rental controversy continues. November 19, 2008

  6. October Outlook is Bleak Inflation creeps down. Stocks melt down.  Rents confused. Who is still asleep? October 25, 2008

  7. Inflation hits 28% August to September People struggle as food, gas, & rent soar. Government predicts 25% for the year. September 15, 2008

  8. Inflation remains high in August 2008  So does Vietnamese consumer confidence. Is this knowledge or hope based? August 18, 2008

  9. June 2008 Inflation Update  Is there really an economic bubble that must burst; contrasting media views. July 9, 2008

  10. Economic Update 2008 Current facts about the imploding economy in Vietnam; from miracle to mirage June 19, 2008

  11. 25.2% inflation in May 2008 Vietnamese speculation, fueled by hot air and hopes, can't sustain growth as markets start to collapse. June 2, 2008

  12. Economic Update 2006   Current facts about the economic march of its life in Vietnam;  March 2006

  13. Getting Started: A Business Guide Vietnam's culture/ history, and details on  how to form a business in Vietnam March 26, 2006

  14. Vietnam's Potential For FDI:  2001 - 2006  A frank assessment of competition and other factors. January 2006

  15. Economic Update 2005 Current facts about the economic march of its life in Vietnam;  January 2005

  16. Vietnam must seize the day on FDI A look at the modern period of post war investment March 2004

  17. The Promise of Vietnam Statistics are impressive, but some experts still wary March 13, 2004

  18. Globalization: Starbucks mutates to Starblacks Pirated / cloned, locals don't care January 2004

  19. Vietnam : Russia's Perspective Economics, Military, Political July 2003

  20. Auto Industry Blues Low Production Runs and Now Higher Taxes? June 2003

  21. Oil: Head-2-Head  Russian plans to privatize Vietnam's Leading Oil Partner April 2003

  22. Will Vietnam Really Follow China? After 4,000 years, the new wealthy of Vietnam. Doubters beware. December 2002 

  23. Opportunities In Year 2003  Foreign investors and State Leaders can seize these, if they both work hard and quickly.   November 1, 2002

  24. Best Business Spots Looking at different surveys, like reading tea leaves, to see what's hot and what's not in Asia. May 1, 2002

  25. Vietnam's Growth Targets Export and Labor Force Projections by Vietnam's largest donor and investor  April 21, 2002

  26. The Internet In Vietnam Update 2002 A look forward with a good look back to appreciate the growth. May 2002 

  27. HCMC Canals - The Next Best Investment  Back from the dead, a great way to start a relationship February 14, 2002 

  28. Exporters To America Under the BTA -- Beware!  Buyer's reasonable expectations can destroy any hoped for profit.  January 20, 2002

  29. Waking Up to Reality  What to expect post BTA: 5-6% GPA and still near the bottom of International competitiveness. January 10, 2002

  30. Wanted: Investors for Central (Coastal) Provinces Investment opportunities in a developing part of a developing nation - a long term approach. September  2001

  31. New Visa Rules For Foreigners Some new and easier procedures, and of course new costs. September 2001

  32. Rev Up the Economy and the Reform Process  Following the new leadership changes, time to progress further.  May 2001

  33. From My Heart  Suggested improvements to the education system for the blind.  May 2001 

  34. Bilateral Trade Agreement Update March 2001 Trade Barriers start to ...., fall? March  2001

  35. Refinery Refined, or Re-defined?  A brief review and look to the future of refined petroleum production.  January 2001

  36. The Bilateral Trade Agreement - 2001 Reviewing the concept and the opportunities for Vietnam and other nations.  January 2000

  37. Power Industry Review - 2000  A hard-hitting, no nonsense assessment from an insider. May 2000

  38. Vietnam as the Decade Ends Relevant Reflections on Vietnam's growth over the past ten years. March 2000

  39. Challenges and Opportunities in Vietnam: 2000 and beyond  Business Economics
    January  2000

  40. To Succeed, the Entrepreneur Has to Be Able to Fail Learn from mistakes; don't hide from making them. March 1999

  41. Vietnam: Great or Not- So-Great for Investors?  Candid assessment by former chair, American Chamber of Commerce in HCMC. Updated January 1, 2000

  42. Joint Ventures in Vietnam Opportunities & Challenges A study of the origin of a basic problem: the lack of trust  January 1, 2000

  43. Experts: How To Pick Them and What To Avoid  Opportunities lost by failing to follow traditional, conservative business practices. March 1999

  44. Export Opportunities to the United States  An overview of Vietnam's major exports and what is needed to seize the opportunities presented. November 1998

  45. Lessons To Learn  Energy sector consultant, Kent Sears, describes his 10+ years experience successfully working in Vietnam. December 1997

  46. Vietkieu: Who Are You?  A candid discussion of the opportunities, and problems faced by returning overseas Vietnamese.  March 1999.

  47. In the Background  The last of a weekly column, written by a foreigner, the first of its kind in Hanoi since 1954.  July 1998

  48. Normalization of Relations  Returning American veteran, senior corporate executive and practicing attorney for 25 + years, express his views.  Updated July 1998

  49. Return To .... Peace  Phu Quoc Island, in southern most Vietnam, closer to Cambodia and in the Gulf of Thailand. A holiday spot worthy of visiting, but go quickly....  It is changing fast.  January 1998; updated 2002

  50. Been There, Done That  Opportunities and frustrations from working in the Frontier.  A different way of getting an important message out. July 1998

  51. Foreign Investment Opportunity  A call for investors with knowledge, and for Vietnam to listen & change. July 1998

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